Sunday, November 20, 2011

3rd Quarter Update: Sunday Football Recipes

As a quick recap of the series for newer readers, the Sunday football recipe project came about as an increasing amount of my fall Sundays became consumed by football watching and Fantasy league playing. This emerging trend was definitely not something I favored but instead of pouting about the situation, I decided to play along by spending my Sunday afternoons cooking up football friendly recipes with the boo.

If you missed one and two in the series, check them out here and here

Here's the latest and greatest of what's been created in my kitchen lately:

Two recipes you NEED to bookmark and/or pin:

This recipe for broccoli slaw. I get rave reviews every time I bring it somewhere. It's light on the mayo and because it's vegetable based I feel better when I come back for seconds. :)

This kielbasa recipe. It takes like no time and gets like a bazillion compliments.

Here's the info for the other recipes:
Wings: Marinate them in your favorite wing sauce (ours is Frank's) for 4 hours. Next marinate them in a combination of your favorite wing sauce and butter (about a couple tablespoons for 25 wings). Bake them in the oven at 450 for 30 minutes, turning once. Next broil them for 8-15 minutes (watch them carefully and broil them to your desired level of crispiness), turning once. Finish by tossing them in the wing sauce.

Pulled pork and cabbage slaw: Unfortunately, I don't have a go-to recipe for pulled pork. I keep trying new ones every time I make it and while they've all been good, nothing has been a home-run yet (do any of you have a good recipe for pulled pork???). The best one I've tried was this. It was really flavorful but a tad salty, so I'd do 1 tablespoon of salt instead of the 2 it calls for in the rub. Here's the recipe for the slaw.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And for you Americans out there, I hope you're getting excited for Thanksgivinggggg!!!!

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