Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sundays in the Fall

In my little world, the above image exemplifies a very large part of my life throughout the fall. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint. If you're familiar with the term "Fantasy Football," then you should have a pretty good idea.

Every Sunday in fall, Nick would like nothing better than to sit on the couch watching football. All. Day. Long. Unfortunately for me, I hate football.

Now, to be fair to Nick, he does put forth some effort so that I'm not completely miserable on Sundays. We usually go to brunch together. Visit the farmer's market. Or even take in an art gallery or museum in the morning. But by 1 o'clock kick-off time, Nick's on the couch getting his weekly fill of NFL football and I'm nearly avoiding the house altogether.

This year, I'm trying something new. To entice myself into spending some time with him during football games, I'm incorporating football game watching with something I love too. Food.

Every Sunday, I'm tackling a new "Fall Football" dish. In the afternoons, I'll spend time in the kitchen preparing the meal while taking in a few breaks of play-time and by the evening, we'll be enjoying the fruits of my labor while watching the start of the night games. I don't plan on posting every Sunday football meal on the blog, but I'm sure you'll be seeing some of the adventures throughout the fall.

Today, I made Chili. Dragon-Breath Chili to be exact.

Success! This is the recipe I used. If you're interested in what's on my football meal bucket list, here's the plan so far:

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