Friday, November 18, 2011

Bows and Woes

Pants - H&M; Shoes - Nine West; Shirt - ASOS;

Have you ever had the experience where you've longed for a certain piece in your wardrobe for months, you searched high and low for it, you finally found it, you're ecstatic about finding it, you can't wait to wear it, only to doubt your purchase days later?

That's what this shirt is. After coveting many women and their pretty bow blouses, I spent months searching for one. I finally spotted this one on ASOS and jumped on the purchase. Finally, a pretty bow blouse of my own.

Well, now I'm doubting myself. I'm iffy about the color on me, it's just a tad too big, and while the over sized bow seemed chic on the model, I'm just not capable of tying this darn bow like her!

Maybe if I just sign-up for a local bow-tying class I'll feel better about it. Readers, what pieces have you doubted days after an initially exciting purchase?

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