Monday, August 29, 2011

H&M Loot

Pants - H&M (very recent); Shirt - H&M (very recent); Necklace - LOFT; Shoes - Payless
With my first free weekend in weeks, I took full advantage of the time and spent a good part of Saturday at the mall. First stop was my good ol' pal H&M. Boy, do I love that store. I picked up these navy skinnies (and a pair in black) and floral top, two work skirts, two striped sweaters, and a casual t-shirt. Most (if not all) of the items H&M was showing were for the upcoming fall season. As much as the warm colors and comfy knits get me giddy with excitement, it's also a terrible tease to buy new outfits when you know you'll have to wait another month or two to get any use out of it!

Oh well, you know I have no shame wearing scarves in the summer so I'll probably be donning turtlenecks in no time.

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