Monday, October 10, 2011

Pants - H&M (recent but don't buy, they stretch out too much); Shoes - Madden Girl; Shirt - Target (recent); Blazer - H&M (old); Watch - Nick's; Bracelet - Street Vendor

Excuse me for my sense of entitlement, but I really think fashion bloggers who live in primarily warm climates deserve some sort of award. I took pictures this morning at 7:30 am in 77 degree weather and it was such an enjoyable experience that it made me realize how god-awful  it is to take photos in 95 degree weather. Your hair poofs up faster than you can say "hair serum doesn't work" and your face breaks out like you're back in  middle school.

Although, I really shouldn't be talking, if I deserve an award then you girls in Canada and the Northern U.S. should be entitled to a Purple Heart. Sorry, for leaving, I'm back in reality now.

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