Monday, July 11, 2011

Office Fashion

Fashion at work is a tricky thing. Fashionable items (though always professional-friendly items) that you or I wouldn't normally think twice about get a little more attention in the office. My feathery headband is called a bird's nest. A popped collar always warrants some college frat-boy reference. And in the middle of summer, I get asked if my scarf is keeping me warm enough. Since I work with a fun group of people and kidding is always welcome, I actually enjoy these comments as much as the next guy. Can anyone else relate to this particular office activity?

This outfit caused someone to ask... "Did you break your arm or is that a new look?" :)


  1. You're very pretty! I love the color of your cardigan, green works so well with red hair.

  2. Since my office is mostly ladies comments like that do not normally get made. Some of our ladies are constantly on the verge of fashion so compliments rather than wisecracks are made.

  3. haha that is so true! When I worked in an office i felt like I got so many, "well, that's interesting" comments on my outfits. You look GREAT though in this!


  4. Love this. A lot. I'm always looking for new ways to wear my cardigans :)