Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Copy-Paste... ditto

I took a cue from Tania, who took a cue from Katherine, who decided to wear a gray monochromatic look. I'm neither a grad-student like Tania or an undergrad like Katherine, so my interpretation turned out a little more office-friendly, but the idea is essentially the same as theirs. In the end, we all agreed that monochromatic looks are great; they're classic, simple, and create a very clean and complete look.

Oh. And they're especially helpful when you're devoid of any color inspiration like I apparently was.

Skirt-H&M; Shirt-Gift from a special person from... somewhere..; Necklace-LOFT; Shoes-Nine West


  1. Hello, I just came across your Blog and I just wanted to say I love your style. I struggled trying not to look boring during my internship in an IT company, and your cute combinations have inspired me. I am now your new follower.

    -Hannah xox

  2. Love the way you pulled off the monochromatic look. Such pretty details!

    xx Katherine

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments! At Hannah, not sure if your like is still in school fashion mode or not, but it's definitely difficult to dress for the office when you're starting out. Not only are people not used to pairing those kinds of clothing articles together, but most people don't even have those kinds of clothes yet in their closet! H&M was and still is my saving grace. They have both casual and work-appropriate fashion at attainable prices. Also, one thing I always try to maintain with my work wardrobe is to have pieces that work for both the office and your day-to-day life. It'll make your money stretch so much farther in your fashion life!