Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boyfriend Jacket and Travel

Blazer - H&M; Jeans - Miss Mee (old); Necklace -Express (old)

I finally scored myself a boyfriend jacket! All you trend-setters out there, please don't make this article of clothing fall out of style yet. I may be behind the curve when it comes to trends, but better late than never!

In unrelated news, Nick and I are planning a trip out to the Pacific Northwest and we need your help. If anyone has suggestions of things to do in Seattle and Vancouver, please let me know! Your suggestions for my trip to Boston last fall were invaluable and I'd love to hear your recommendations for this trip too!

ALSO (and this is a big also) I need your input on some fashion travel decisions. What shoes should I bring?!?! The weather is going to be between the mid 50's to mid 60's so sandals seem too cool and riding boots seem too warm (maybe a bootie would work but they're not terribly versatile and I'm trying to pack light). I hate myself in flats so I feel like that only leaves me with a small wedge pump. Any other ideas???

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