Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St Germain and Meyer Lemon

After getting out of work at a reasonable hour this past Friday, I found myself with enough time before the night's festivities to enjoy a cocktail at home (rarely does this happen). The afternoon was warm so I needed something light and with a few Meyer lemons waiting to be put to good use in my fridge, I decided on a mix of Meyer lemon juice, vodka, and St Germain.

If you haven't ever tasted St Germain, you must give this lovely French liqueur a try. It reminds me a lot of lychee fruit but with some floral undertones. You can pair it with many different liquors (a list of recipes is on their website here) but my favorites mixes include vodka, gin, or champagne. I especially love the bottle and packaging - so pretty and with such character!

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