Monday, December 12, 2011

Tales from a Holiday Season

Dress from LOFT; Boots from Nordstrom; Cardigan from TJMaxx; Belt from F21; Watch from Target
Hope everyone is getting their fill of holiday parties! I know I did this past Saturday...

After some last minute plan making, Nick and I decided to crash our friend's friend's holiday party on Saturday night. I remember some mumblings about "holiday sweaters" and "Christmas caroling," but I didn't think too much about what that exactly could entail. I'll know better next time...

To make a long story short (or shall I say Longenecker Story Short? eh eh?), after enough cups of mulled wine and apple cider, we were peer-pressured into dressing up like Christmas dorks and serenading downtown patrons with Christmas carols. I was equal parts embarrassed and excited but it ended up being a blast!

If you're up for something different this holiday season and aren't too terrified of acting a little silly in public (oh, and you're friends with someone that can play guitar chords), I'm totally encouraging you to give this a try. I wish I had pictures to share!

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