Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Looks, One Pair of Colored Tights

Tights - TJMaxx. Left Outfit: Shirt - H&M; Skirt - H&M; Necklace - LOFT; Booties - H&M. Right Outfit: Shirt - H&M; Scarf - Target; Skirt - H&M; Boots - Nordstrom.
There was a girl I went to middle school with that would wear colored tights every. single. day. Rain or shine, hot or cold, you bet she had a different color for each day of the year. She was a relatively close friend of mine, and my friends and I would playfully (and kindly, I swear) tease her about her unique fashion. Years later I would realize that, yes, it was quite unique, but also, that she was completely ahead of her time and instead of teasing her, I really should have been taking notes.

I wanted to post two outfits to show that these brightly colored gems (though the pictures don't quite do justice) can be worn casually or to the office! For the office look, be sure to wear a conservative bottom as the bright colors can get a little over the top otherwise. I also found that colored tights really only look good with shoes that cover the top of your foot. It was definitely fun but challenging to style this trend, I encourage you to do the same! Anyone have any tips or looks that they'd like share? What do you think about these two outfits?

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