Monday, November 28, 2011

Take two... or four

Have you ever had one of those outfit days where you wish you had chosen another article of clothing to go with your ensemble? And that gnawing feeling of not making better decisions and missing out on opportunities bugs you the entire day. (I swear, this isn't a metaphor for life, I'm really talking about fashion here.)

Today was one of those days. I love the silhouette of this outfit with the full skirt popping out underneath a structured, form-fitting blazer and streamlined turtleneck, but am not crazy about the color combo. Now, I could gross out my co-workers and wear almost this exact same outfit tomorrow but in better take-two form ORRRRRR I can just Photoshop my outfit with my awesome Photoshop skills and pretend I got it right on take-one!

Here's the skirt I wish I would have worn today:

While we're at it, let's change the shoes too since I probably would have worn a different pair. 

And, since I'm feeling a little silly, a bow tie seems in order...

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