Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm All Smiles

Skirt - H&M; Shoes - H&M; Shirt - Nordstrom
Do you want to hear something ridiculous about me?

When I bought my glasses a couple months ago, I quickly found that my smile didn't work well with the new specs. I don't know if the reason was something tangible, like when I smiled my cheeks looked bigger or my ears raised the glasses which didn't look good. But it also could have been for a more intangible reason, like a toothy grin just didn't "go" well with this style of glasses. So you know what I did? I changed my smile. People change their shoes, their haircuts, their purses to go with a certain style, but a smile? Seems a little drastic.

Well, my Mom informed me last night (mind you, she was the one that helped me make the decision) that she thinks I should go back to my old smile. Apparently, the new one isn't happy enough (yea, yea, I could agree). So you know that second image up there? That one's for you Mom. :)

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