Monday, September 5, 2011

Versatile Weekend Wear

Shorts - Old Navy; Shirt - Zara (similar style); Blazer - H&M; Watch - Target; Shoes - Calvin Klein via Marshalls; Necklace - Vintage

Happy Labor Day! This weekend was an odd mix of being on-the-go but completely sluggish. It was a product of having many get-togethers to attend but being a bum on the couch in every interim.

On Saturday, I went to lunch with my Mom and Grandfather, a football game bbq later in the afternoon, and a birthday house-party at night. Because of the wide variety of activities and length of time I was out, I needed an outfit that would work throughout the day. Pairing shorts with a blazer and casual espadrilles was the solution. The espadrilles were casual enough for a bbq and lent some night-time appeal later in the day, and the blazer kept it polished while being removable in the afternoon heat.

Hope you all are enjoying these last hours of the long weekend!

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