Sunday, September 25, 2011

Please Help!

Trusty readers, I am in desperate need of your guidance! I've been an eye contact wearer nearly all my life but because of recent changes in my eyes, I'm forced to be shopping in the eye glass market. You've probably seen me in glasses on the blog before but they just don't cut it; not only are they an old prescription but I feel like they inhibit my choice of outfits because they only do well with professional and clean-cut looks. My goal is to find a pair of glasses that are more versatile; they'll work at the office, on the weekends, and going out too.

To help me in this endeavor I turned to the website Warby Parker. I had heard about this company awhile ago through another blogger and decided to give it a try. Their premise is that they'll ship up to 5 pairs of glasses to you, let you try them out for 5 days, and then you ship them back and (hopefully) you'll order a pair.

Below are four of the five glasses I ordered (I was able to rule out one of them very quickly). To give them the full test, I tried on three different outfits that were comparable to the different types of outfits I typically wear. Please browse through the photos and let me know which one you think I should buy (I'm heavily leaning towards #4 right now) by voting in the poll on the right side of the home page or by leaving a comment. I've written up some thoughts about each of them after the jump.

1. I like this pair a lot but I think the frames at the top are a little too thick and consequently, harsh on my face and skin tone.
2. I also like this pair but I don't think it would do well in the office and let's be honest, that's where I spend a majority of my life.
3. While these look good on me, they're too predictable and too similar to my current frames.
4. My favorite, a good mix of office and weekend fun appropriate. What do you think?

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