Friday, September 30, 2011

NOT a Bad Friday

Fridays are great in my book, but today's morning was not my favorite...

I woke up early to take outfit photos but upon arriving at my photo-op location I realized that I left my SD card in my computer. Not to worry! Nick gave me an extra one for moments like these and I went diving through my purse to find it. Not there! (Though I found it in the depths of a pocket later in the day). I then reasoned with myself that I still had enough time to drive home, grab my SD card, and still take photos. Back at the location with my SD card in, tripod set up, ready to start snapping with my camera. Not taking photos! The battery just ran out.

Argh. These photos were taken in the afternoon once my battery was charged AND the SD card was in. I then promptly poured myself a pumpkin beer. NOT a bad Friday now!

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