Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Cream


If you haven’t already deduced from my silly series of pictures above, I tried my hand at ice cream making this past weekend with my brand spankin' new ice cream maker. To determine how successful the endeavor went, I decided to make it into a little ice cream competition. Choosing the flavor was difficult because I wanted to go with something that a few brands would have but also a flavor that was a little more interesting than your standard chocolate or vanilla. I went with Butter Pecan. Choosing the judge was not so difficult. While I have a small obsession with ice cream, Nick’s affinity for it dwarfs mine. He was definitely the resident expert.

The verdict? Guilty-free was the under-dog but as you can see, they pulled out the surprise win. According to Nick, my version was a close second and would have taken first if the consistency had been a bit more like ice cream and a little less like gelato. I actually really liked the consistency of my  ice cream, it reminded me of soft-serve custard but the downside to this was that it definitely melted a lot quicker than the other brands.

All-in-all, I was happy with the result and am looking forward to trying out other recipes with the ice cream maker. Thanks to Nick’s Mom for giving it to me as a birthday present!

Here's the recipe I used: Butter Pecan from Brown Eyed Baker

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