Monday, June 13, 2011

The weekend, in short

Here's a recap!
  • Dance Concert: This past weekend was my old dance studio's yearly recital. I was asked by a teacher to perform in one of his numbers and had a great time doing it. I also had a great time taking photos backstage. It was tough with the difficult lighting but I had a couple that I think turned out well.
  • Lunch and other treats: The "other treats" came from a charming French cafe I found. I had the goal of checking out their breakfast on Sunday morning, but with a late and lazy start the next day that breakfast turned into lunch!...
  • ...French cafe lunch: The atmosphere of this place was really cute, but honestly, the meal was nothing to write home about. I get the feeling it was a neighborhood joint which is mostly frequented by their "regulars," so maybe we caught it on an off day.


  1. The dance concert make-up picture turned out great! You're so purty!!

  2. You were Fabulous this weekend....... Pictures Look Great!!!