Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second Guessing

When I put this outfit on in the morning, I really wasn't sold on it. At first it felt masculine, so I added the pearl necklace. Then I felt like I was channeling the rabbi prayer shawl look, but I talked myself out of that. And finally the absence of my boyfriend's daily outfit compliment solidified my doubts about the ensemble.

But I got to tell you, by the afternoon, I loved this look. Yes, it's a little more masculine that I'm used to, but between the necklace and the flowy cardigan, I think it strikes a balance. I also always love this color combo, so I knew at some point I would probably cave.

I think it's a bit ironic that in my last post I walked out of the house feeling great only to resolve that I really wasn't looking so hot, and today I started full of doubts but ended up loving the ensemble. How often do either of those scenarios happen to you?


  1. So much of how I feel about my outfit depends (seriously, don't laugh) on my hair. If my hair isn't working, I feel like the whole outfit is thrown off. Your hair looks lovely, by the way. I love this outfit: it is innovative and fun, and I think the necklace looks great with it!

  2. Kristin you have the best fashion sense of anyone I know....I've never seen an outfit that doesn't look amazing on you, including this one. I've always been jealous lol. Miss you!