Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hair Adventures

If there is one thing I'm lacking in personal style it's definitely my creativity in the hair department. I'm bad at buns, terrible at braids, and can't work with rollers if my life depended on it. So when Misikko recently gifted me with a brand spankin' new hair dryer and flat iron to review, I knew this would be my biggest motivation and best chance at branching out with my hair style. These are my tips and reviews of the process.

The blow dryer was up first.

The main reason why I liked using this hair dryer is because of how powerful the dryer jet stream was (is that the correct term?). This is a hugely critical factor in picking a hair dryer for a few reasons; 1) it cuts down on the time you spend drying your hair, 2) the force of the dryer can literally straighten your hair, and 3) the fact that you spend less time drying your hair means that you’re pumping less hot hair into your bathroom which cuts down on the humidity in your bathroom and subsequently helps to keep your hair straight (that was a mouthful but it completely makes sense!).

Now on to the fun stuff. I decided to try my hand at curling with a straightener. I love the look of relaxed beachy waves but my curls ended up looking more retro and classic.

There are a ton of videos out there explaining the process but here's how I tackled it:

When you begin the curl, position the straightener around a piece of hair like you usually would when straightening it but make sure you’re as close to the root as possible. Next, clamp down and turn the straightener in the direction away from your face and rotate around by about a half circle. Keeping it tightly clamped, pull the straightener down the length of your hair. If you find that you’re having problems with making your hair curl, try either taking smaller pieces of hair, pulling more slowly, or clamping more tightly. It took me a couple tries to get it down. 

I could immediately tell that this was a high-quality straightener by the way it made my hair feel so soft. Prior to using this one, I was working with an aging flat iron that would make my hair feel like it could break off at any moment. The other thing I liked about this product is a small light that blinks once it's reached the desired temperature. This little feature seems so simple but I've actually found it to be very helpful when I'm playing around with high and low temperatures.

Hope you found this helpful!

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