Monday, August 15, 2011

Comforts in Color

Have you ever thought much about where your fashion inspiration comes from? Is it a particular trend that you want to try out? Or an overall look that you aim for? Or perhaps silhouettes or patterns inspire you? For me, its always been about color combinations. Thoughts of navy blue and burnt orange or olive green and and light blue send me running to the closet with ideas. One of my favorite resources for finding new and exciting color combinations are the "Inspiration Daily" posts by Ez over at Creature Comforts. Ez's posts are filled with beautiful photos and images of all the treats you can find in this little Internet world of ours.

I was recently browsing through her old posts when this picture popped out at me (see the original on her site here). I can't say that I've ever paired blue and khaki together but finding this image made me want to immediately. The combination is so clean and bright and I loved the effect it had in "fashion form."

What do YOU get inspired by when it comes to fashion? Let me know in your comments, please!

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