Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Sweet

After receiving a Sunday night dinner invite from my parents, I was inspired to bring a dessert that would be fit for a relaxing Summer evening. With the weather being as hot as heck recently, my first thought was key lime pie and with brand new ramekins laying around, I turned that idea into MINI key lime pies. I gathered my thoughts and headed over to Publix only to be disappointed when I discovered they had no more key limes in stock! What's a girl to to do who needs a traditional Summer dessert? Why make a fruit cobbler of course!

I stocked up on peaches and had all the other materials on hand for a delectable version of mini peach cobblers (I was determined to use those ramekins!). This recipe is quite indulgent and only slightly too buttery for my palate. I think my problem was that I had my heart set on a light, bright key lime pie and ended up with a rich, decadent cobbler. And at the end of the day, the rest of the family seemed to enjoy it immensely, which was all that mattered to me!

Sorry, everyone! Instead of the writing out the entire recipe, I'm just going to link up here. It's been a busy weekend and this girl needs her beauty sleep! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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