Monday, June 27, 2011

Working at being lazy

Hope everyone's weekend went well! As I previewed on Saturday, Nick and I had a very low-key couple of days in anticipation for the craziness that ensues this weekend. A lot of movie watching and down time together. As a perpetual busy-body, I secretly feel a little guilty about this but sometimes being absolutely unproductive is okay! Right? RIGHT?!?! :)

To keep the relaxation vibes going throughout the weekend, we engaged in one of our favorite activities to do together on Sunday morning, a lazy indulgent breakfast. It's my favorite way to spend some down time. What's yours?

In other news, I've been trying to integrate more "wrist fashion" into my outfits. Unfortunately, it's been a little slow going, but I'm trying! You can spot my most recent attempts in the last picture.


  1. wonderful photos!! this place looks amazing!! the food look so delicious!! and great outfit, love your necklace and bracelet <3

  2. this place looks great