Sunday, May 1, 2011

Outfits, In Short: 2011.05.01

All you Gator fans out there should love these pictures. And don't tell anyone, but I like them too! Orange and blue is actually one of my favorite color combinations. Now, I'm not talking about the obnoxious orange and blue we associate with that horrible college in Florida (j/k, j/k....), I'm thinking of burnt orange paired with either navy blue or pale blue. I think half my closet is made up of those colors.

In other news, I think I'm ordering my camera tonight. It's been about a week since the "incident" and I'm going through withdrawals. Ugh, when I book the $500 in my handy-dandy budget tracker sheet it will be placed under the "Sh** happens" category. ::sigggghhhh::


  1. Awesome color combination with your outfit! I'm not a gator fan, but I'm a fan of bright colors! That bracelet so cute with that shirt - very casual but classy.

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion orange is not a good color on me, but I still wear it with pride come game day!

    I need to invest in some wide leg jeans or something with a little flair. I know you've always embraced them, but they're on my radar again. Cute outfit!

    What does your budget tracker sheet look like? Is it something you created? I need to be better about this. I find it so difficult with a variable income.

  3. Thanks, girls!

    Sammy - I clearly remember a cute pair of wide legged jeans you wore to the Art and Wine walk. What about those?

    The budget tracker is basically just an excel spreadsheet where I categorize all my purchases from the month. I can download my transactions from my bank's website, so it's pretty easy to put together.

  4. Oh hi, Super Adorable Kristin (I can only assume based on all your photos that that's what everyone calls you)! What a cooool outfit + background! Hey I have totally been there/done that with camera equipment: I dropped my 50mm a few months ago and had to open up the s--- happens fund to replace it. :/ Sending you happy new camera vibes!

  5. Are you a nole?! If so, I like the blog even more now! Cute outfit.