Monday, May 9, 2011

The OTHER love of my life: Brunch

Breakfast and brunch are undoubtedly my favorite meals to indulge in. Let’s face it, it’s the only time I can eat a dish that’s practically a dessert and have it be acceptable! I think one of the other main reasons why I love it is because of how productive it makes me feel (OF COURSE I’d say that, right?). If I’m up early enough for breakfast it usually means I had a tame-enough evening the night before, am well rested, and feeling great! Breakfast is also a relaxing yet fun way to kick start a day so I always end up feeling totally fulfilled with what I’ve done before it's even noon! And because it’s not even noon yet, I have the entire rest of my day to be productive and bask in the lingering effects of my morning happiness.

Nick and I often go out for breakfast together (it’s our Sunday morning ritual during the entire fall football season) but I also loooove having my girls over for brunch. We start the morning with coffee and mimosas, followed by a menu usually consisting of quiches, French toast, fruit, and bacon, and we wrap up our morning lounging on the couch with girl talk in our ears and board games in our hands.

Everyone needs a little more girl-time brunch in their life. :)

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