Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fashion Cliches

I'm showcasing two fashion cliches in this post. Can you spot what they are? If one of your guesses was the quintessential fashion blogger pose (check out the pigeon toe look in picture four), you'd technically be right but that's not what I'm talking about. Stop judging me.

The first cliche is the popped collar. I'm a big fan of this look. Nick calls me a frat boy whenever I'm sporting it but whatever, I didn't jump on this bandwagon until after my college days so I think that makes it okay.

The second cliche is the boyfriend watch - literally my boyfriend's watch. I thought it would look a little silly, especially if anyone noticed that the watch is actually broken, but I like the effect that it had on the outfit, so again, I think that makes it okay.

Do you sport any fashion cliches? I think the one I'm best known for is my over-use of scarves. When people tell me they like how I dress, I tell them, "Don't be fooled - it's the scarves."


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  2. Nice watch. I hope I get invited to the Kappa Alpha Sigma date function. Frat boy!

  3. I am pretty guilty of the hands-on-hips pose too often. It's hard to think of new poses every day! I have a newfound respect for those girls on 'America's Top Model.' Wel...maybe a little, anyway. Love the blue and grey with that necklace!