Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outfits, In Short: 2011.04.26

I guess that post title is kind of a lie. This outfit isn't from today, it's actually from about a week ago. But because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding my dead camera, I'm going to have to pull from picture reserves to supply "you readers" with entertainment.

The only special thing about this outfit is the necklace - its be-a-utiful. Nick didn't manage to get a great shot of it and it's hidden by my jacket, but I assure you it's gorgeous, timeless, and goes with just about anything. It's made by Stella and Dot. If you haven't been invited to one their home parties, you are surely missing out. Their stuff is on the pricey side but if you buy a closet staple, then you'll definitely get your money's worth.

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  1. Keep criticizing the photographer and you may not have one next time you need it.