Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfits, In short: 2011.04.17

Other than watching Black Swan and being thoroughly confused/weirded out, the only thing on my agenda today was attending a Mary Kay party! One of my close friends recently decided to start selling their line and this was one of her early "coming-out" parties with the brand. While I'm in total support of my friend's new opportunity, I was a teensy bit skeptical of the line. For the girls in my generation, I feel like all we think about when we hear "Mary Kay" is middle-aged housewives from the 80's and women riding around in cliché pink Cadillacs. Not the best image for a potential 20-something-year-old client.

But I gotta tell ya - I was thoroughly impressed with everything I tried today and really recommend the products. I ended up buying some foundation primer (have you tried this stuff? it’s awesome!), foundation, and eye make-up remover, but there were also so many other things I was dying to buy!

Anywho. In spirit of the girly-pamper-loving activities I did today, I felt the need to dress in a particularly girly outfit…

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