Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life's Short Stories: Photography

My interest in photography isn’t a product of a life-long passion for the art form. Neither was it born from a need to share some profound perspective on the world. It was simply because I want to make sure I remember.

Make sure I remember the big moments, like the first time Nick and I saw the Grand Canyon and the time my family and I wine-tasted our way through Napa. Remember the every-day moments; laughing with friends over Sunday brunch or planning Taco-Nights with our neighbors. And especially the moments we don’t take the time to remember – how cute Kota looks sunbathing the afternoon away or how perfectly gratifying my morning yogurt and coffee is every. single. day.

One of the moments I love that photography helps me to remember is about a bush.

I pass this particular bush whenever I walk with Kota in the morning. At first glance, it’s really… just a bush. Not even particularly bushy or anything – kind of sparse even. But in passing it day after day,  I began to notice the subtle pinks and purples that trim the leaves. These pops of color against a backdrop of sages and greens created a beautiful image that was even further enhanced by the pictures I made sure to take of it.

Now every morning, I take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of this simple bush and relish in the fact that even if I move away or stop taking my morning walks, from these photos, I can take the moment to appreciate the memory of it too.

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